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Trans Rights Readathon, Now with Poetry!

Happy Poetry Friday everyone! Today's roundup is hosted by the wondeful Laura Purdie Salas over at Small Reads for Brighter Days. Check out her post for more Poetry Friday Fun and a writing challenge!

A couple days ago, I posted about how excited I am to participate in next week's Trans Rights Readathon. (For more information-- including how to participate and a whole host of free e-arcs by transgender authors, check out Sim Kern's linktree here.) And it's true... I'm intending to read that whole stack of books next week to raise money for the Trans Health Legal Fund, which assists transgender folks facing legal challenges due to their need for medical care. And...

I realized that the YA verse novel I'd *just started reading* was ALSO by a publicly trans author! So, I'm putting it aside for 3 more days (it's so hard!) and adding A MILLION QUIET REVOLUTIONS by Robin Gow to my reading list for next week! I'm so excited about this book! Queer trans love and searching for the hidden (or not so hidden) queer trans stories of the past? I suspect this book will break and heal my heart a few dozen times before the end.

What books are you reading for the Trans Rights Readathon next week? I'd love to know! And, just a reminder that everyone who comments on one of my posts about the Readathon (including this one) is entered to win one of the books I mention during March 20-27! (If you want to pledge to donate for my campaign to support the Trans Health Legal Fund, you can pledge a flat amount, or encourage me to read more books by pledging per book. Let me know what you're pledging in the comments or by email for an extra entry in the giveaway!)

Let's fight back against the attempted degradation, erasure, and criminalization our transgender loved ones are fighting. There are so many people and organizations doing great work to protect transgender rights. Next week, let's give them a boost, and send a clear message: we support our transgender community members, and we will not accept attacks against them.

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