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Trans Rights Readathon March 20-27 and a Giveaway

Hello lovely readers! Next week is the Trans Rights Readathon! Book lovers all over the internet will be reading and hyping books by and/or about transgender folks to boost awareness of their stories and raise money for organizations supporting transgender folks. Much thanks to Sim Kern, who initiated this whole thing! You can sign up to participate, get book recs, and more by checking out their linktree here:

I'll be raising money for the Trans Health Legal Fund run by the Transgender Law Center! From the 20th to the 27th, I'll post every day to let you know what I'm reading, link to other participants in the readathon, and share excitement about how the readathon is going. You can participate by reading/listening to books by transgender authors or featuring transgender characters, commenting, sharing posts about the readathon (search #TransRightsReadathon on your social media platform of choice to discover all sorts of posts!), or pledging to donate. You can pledge a flat amount, or encourage me to read more books by pledging per book! Let me know what you're pledging in the comments or by email for an extra entry in the giveaway.

What's this about a giveaway you ask? If you comment on one of my readathon posts (including this one), you'll be entered in a drawing to win one of the books I talk about during the week! And, people who pledge to donate to the Trans Health Legal fund will get an extra entry.

I'm so excited about this y'all! In addition to supporting the Trans Health Legal Fund, next week will be a bit of a personal celebration as well. My brain is finally starting to return after three years of long covid, during which I haven't been able to process reading more than one prose YA/adult book per month. In many ways, participating in this readathon is also a reminder to me about how far I've come in healing. Some of the books I'm going to read are books I pre-ordered ages ago and haven't had the ability to enjoy. Now, not only do I get to read them, I get to share them with all of you AND support transgender rights and access to medical care at the same time!

For a sneak peak at what I'll be attempting to read next week, here's a look at my starting stack of books. That's nine YA/adult novels, short story collections, and memoirs. I can't wait! What will you be reading?


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