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Trans Rights Readathon is Here!!!

Happy Spring everyone! It feels so fitting that on a day the earth renews for a new growing season, the Trans Rights Readathon launches to seed hope for a better reality for trans folks. I'm raising money for the Trans Health Legal Fund. I'll be donating $10/book I read to help folks fight the criminalization of trans healthcare, with a goal of reading 10 books. Will you join me? Comment below or email me what you pledge to donate, so your donation can be counted towards the fundraiser total. Any amount is celebrated!

Important update on the readathon: In the interest of protecting authors who have been feeling pressured to out themselves during the readathon, the focus of the readathon has shifted. Now, people are being encouraged to read "trans books," in whatever way that makes sense to them! That means books by trans authors, books featuring trans characters by cis authors, and any books that YOU, the reader, feel are "trans books." For more information on this very much appreciated shift in focus, please check out Sim Kern's video explanation. And, let this be your reminder: If you're looking for trans authors online and trying to find more information about how specific folks identify, research what authors (not people talking about them) have said about themselves online. If you don't find the information you're looking for... drop it. Authors control the information about their identity purposefully, and it is important to respect their choices.

Now, onward! Y'all, I am SO EXCITED about this Readathon! I've been searching #TransRightsReadathon online, and there are so many creators and book lists to discover. If you need a boost of joy, or ideas for what to read, I highly recommend heading to your favorite social media platform and searching the hashtag! As you're searching, stop and comment if you come across the wonderful Shana Jean Hausman! Shana is the one who let me know that this Readathon was happening-- and they've got some incredible book recs for all ages up on their Bookshop page. As for what I'm reading...

At midnight, my partner and I began the readaloud of our family book for the week -- Jenna Moran's The Night-Bird's Feather. We've been reading Jenna Moran's works together for years, and if you're looking for a "storytime for grownups" voice, her work tends to be excellent. So far I'm really enjoying the fairytale feel of the book-- who wouldn't want to read about a bird witch commanding legions of avian critters to do housework and keep her sleeping victims alive, while a young girl searches for the power to rescue her family from the witch's clutches?

Up Next: I'm about to start reading The Fae Keeper by H. E. Edgmon. The Fae Keeper is the sequel to the YA novel The Witch King, which I absolutely devoured (trans, queer, fae, witches, power struggles, themes of consent and refusing to accept the status quo...). Now, the characters are back for more... and so am I!

I'm looking forward to creating daily posts this week-- keep your eyes on your inbox for more exciting news, fundraising updates, and of course... So Many Trans Books! Happy Trans Rights Readathon week everyone! How are you celebrating?


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