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Poetry Friday - A Winner and a Poem with Drafts

Happy Poetry Friday everyone! Today we are hosted by the marvelous Linda over at TeacherDance. Thanks for hosting Linda!

Congrats to Linda Baie, who won the drawing for a copy of My Paati's Saris! Linda, I'll contact you later soon through the contact info on your website to get shipping info. :)

Today, I've written a little haiku/senryu type poem for the season. I thought I would share with you all what it looks like when I draft one of these poems-- especially since today this draft managed to all stay on one page! Here's a peek at my messy progress... and the final result. Enjoy!

A notebook page with several handwritten drafts of a short poem, including lots of scribbles. The first version read: rain mists pear blossoms- / a sweatshirt's muddy cuffs / remember planting. Then there are a couple different version exploring mussing shoes, before a copy with no scribble outs that matches the final version typed out in the post below.

Final version:

rain mists pear blossoms--

she tugs me with wild hope

towards muddy shoes

by Sarah Grace Tuttle

Thanks for visiting! Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of May flowers!


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