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This time of year I practically have to sit on my hands to keep from gardening... but those hollow stems and dead leaves are part of the pollinator habitat! In them, solitary bees are snoozing and fireflies are dreaming of warm spring nights. So, I wait to tackle my garden projects until we're reliably above 50 degrees and my pollinator pals have moved out of their winter hideouts. I wait, and apparently get impatient enough to jot down a quick poem draft about it. Happy Poetry Friday y'all!


F urled buds prepare to burst…

I tchy palms ache for soil…

F or the sake of pollinators, I wait.

T ime will come to

Y ank and trim and plant.


D ays will warm…

E arthworms will emerge…

G reen days are coming.

R ain is softening the soil,

E ggs are laid in nests,

E arly violets are blooming

S oon, soon.

-Sarah Grace Tuttle

Thank you to Jone Rush MacCulloch for hosting today! If you haven't already, check out her post for all the poetry news of the day!


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