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#ClimatePoemProject Poem: "To the Roots"

Happy Poetry Friday friends! Today we are hosted by the fabulous Jone Rush MacCulloch. Check out her blog for all the poetry shenanigans! Thanks for hosting Jone!

Today, I'm sharing the poem I wrote from my #ClimatePoemProject prompt: planting for the future. (To check out more about my prompt click here, and for a list of ALL the awesome prompts for this Authors Take Action project, click here!). I hope you enjoy... and that maybe you become inspired to write your own planting for the future poem!

Last week I didn't spend too much time on the internet because I was... you guessed it... planting! Here's a photo of our new Allegheny Serviceberry tree, just beginning to bud.

And now... the poem! (Which is still a rough draft, but I'm posting it anyhow because... why not?)


Here are tender hands to place you

in this fresh hole, your new home.

May you thrive in this land.

Here is compost, water,

a murmured song…

all you need to begin.

Here are companions

planted to be your community,

and give you strength.

When floods wash over you,

may you grip the soil tight

and refuse to be moved.

When the hot sun bakes you,

may you stretch down

and find a cool drink.

When I leave one day

I hope I leave you behind,

growing… growing… wild.

- Sarah Grace Tuttle


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