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A Poem for #DearOneLBH

Today, I am so grateful to Amy Ludwig VanDerwater for hosting Poetry Friday in memory of Lee Bennett Hopkins. I had just started to get to know Lee-- we spoke for the first time this past Spring. But, he left an impression-- kind, and funny, and full of a sparkling joy. I am so grateful to him for his support of my poetry. I am grateful for the few interactions we did have. And, I am happy to contribute to today's Poetry Friday a poem, with the first line "a razzle-dazzle," taken from Lee's poem "From the Ground," in his book City I Love.

Check out the other Poetry Friday posts for today on Amy's website here.


A razzle-dazzle

to the words,

a hop-hum

to the beat,

a twirling flourish

to the bow,

a sashay

down the street.

Your footprints inked

a thousand poems

for new readers

to meet.

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