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Launch Party!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help me celebrate the launch of SPOT, SPIKE, SPIRAL! It was a wonderful event. If you want to relive the fun a little, here are some photos...

As always, Porter Square Books did a fabulous job creating an inviting, comfortable setting.

A photo of me reading from the book at the podium with the projector, part of the audience, and part of the animal table pictured.

It's not a party without snacks! The frog cookies (made by Quebrada Baking Company) were blue, just like the frog in the book!

Blue frog cookies, drinks, and postcards on the snack table.

My friend Kim from the New England Herpetological Society brought some friends!

Me and my friend Kim holding some reptiles.

The New England Herpetological Society also brought a Jackson's chameleon-- one of the animals in SPOT, SPIKE, SPIRAL-- for us to marvel at.

All these photos are courtesy of my lovely family. Thanks family! And, thanks to all of you for giving SPOT, SPIKE, SPIRAL such a joyous launch into the world. Here's hoping the book spreads far and wide, and brings joy to readers of all ages!

The book launch is over, but there's more fun to be had... I have several events coming up! Pop on down to Belmont Books on April 16, Barnes and Noble in Hingham on May 3rd, Kids Con New England May 19th, and more. Check out my Events Page for more information.

And, finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't say... HAPPY POETRY MONTH! I've been celebrating Poetry Month by writing lots of poems, reading many wonderful books of poetry, and talking about poems new and old with kids, adults, and classrooms. If you're looking for some poetic inspiration, I highly recommend checking out last week's Poetry Friday Roundup! There are lots of wonderful posts by poets, teachers, and poetry enthusiasts there for you to explore. Here's the link: Happy reading!

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