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Rich Lo Illustrated My Website... and Some Books!

Rich Lo illustrated my website, and I love the art he created. I want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on his incredible talent. Rich's books are absolutely beautiful, and I hope you will be inspired to take a look at them by this post.

New Year, which Rich wrote and illustrated, is the story of a child immigrant from Hong Kong entering school in Los Angeles, and finding ways to celebrate his traditions while navigating the complexities of a new home. The story doesn't shy away from the difficult emotions of the main character's experiences, and rings both true and sweet. And, of course, the illustrations are magnificent. The watercolor style presents scenes in an almost dreamlike fashion, while bright colors and bold lines create a rich world in which viewers can immerse themselves. (Hint: Chinese New Year is February 16th in 2018!)

Father's Chinese Opera won the honor award in the 2014-2015 picture book category of the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature... and rightly so. This book is stunning from beginning to end. The illustrations, done in a similar style to New Year, are full of acrobats and action. The story of a young boy with big dreams crosses all cultural boundaries, while introducing young readers to a type of Chinese art that is unique and beautiful: the Chinese opera. The story is made even more meaningful by the author's note at the end, detailing the experience of his father's rise to fame in the opera, and the cost his family paid to immigrate to America and a new future.

To learn more about Rich Lo's work and what he is up to, check out his website at

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